Clinical Trials

Boomerang Healthcare physicians consider research an extension of treating the patient. Research continually reveals new ways to manage pain. Our doctors have studied various therapies for pain management, and participated in research studies exploring the use of new devices for spinal cord stimulation to alleviate pain. This sets us apart in the field of pain management; few practices in the United States are doing investigational device studies.

We are also pleased to share several of our doctors have worked in spine research using stem cells, a therapy showing promise in treating spinal diseases and symptoms of pain. Recognized around the globe as thought leaders in the field of pain management, BHC physicians are heavily invested in teaching a new generation of pain management student doctors, consulting for therapeutic companies and act as keynote speakers and presenters at industry conferences and lecture series.

Research is key to our doctors staying ahead of medical advancements. Check back often for an updated list of active and upcoming studies.

Do you suffer from pain and loss of sensation in your feet or legs due to diabetic neuropathy?

To learn more about this study and see if you qualify,  please contact Kat 925-478-5488 or Arman 925-478-5490

If you’ve been living with dull or aching leg pain, numbness or cramping (with or without back pain), you may have lumbar spinal stenosis – and you have options. Today, there is a minimally-invasive medical solution that can help – the Vertiflex Procedure. The Vertiflex Procedure offers a safe and effective alternative to more invasive surgical options, with most people returning home the same day they receive the Vertiflex Procedure.

The Vertiflex Procedure is currently being offered at IPM through a new clinical research study called the SCOPE Study. If you qualify and choose to join the SCOPE Study you will be treated by a local physician specialist, and will be compensated for your time and travel for attending follow-up visits to evaluate your progress.

To learn more about this study and see if you qualify,  please contact Kat 925-478-5488 or Arman 925-478-5490
If you would like more information on any study we are currently enrolling for, please contact us below.

Past Boomerang Healthcare Studies (Enrollment Closed)

Nature Cell JointStem Study for Moderate Osteoarthritis of the Knee

This study is for patients that have been previously diagnosed with moderate osteoarthritis in the knee. In this study, we will be evaluating the efficacy and safety of using stem cells from your own fat tissue for the treatment of osteoarthritis in the knee. For more information, click on the following link below:

Mesoblast CASCADE DR003 Stem Cell Study

This study is primarily indicated for patients with chronic discogenic lumbar back pain (> 6 months) associated with moderate Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD).

Nevro Upper Limb and Neck Pain Study

IPM Medical Group is one of seven sites in the United States participating in the Nevro ULN study. We are looking to study the effectiveness and safety of the Senza System in patients with chronic, intractable pain of the upper limbs and/or neck. For more information, click on the following link below:

Accurate Study

IPM Medical Group is one of the first medical centers in the country to participate in the ACCURATE Clinical Study. This study will evaluate neurostimulation therapy in patients with chronic lower limb pain.

Burst Study

Study the success and safety of the St. Jude Medical Prodigy™ neuromodulation (electrical stimulation) system for the treatment of chronic unmanageable pain of the trunk and/or limbs.

Convert TDD (Targeted Drug Delivery) Study

To assess pain control and opioid-related side effects following a route of delivery change to low dose IT (Intrathecal) morphine therapy from systemic opioid therapy. The device being used is the Medtronic SynchroMed® Infusion System and is an FDA approved product.

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