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Boomerang Healthcare Wellness Classes help expand your pain management skills and are held monthly.  These collaborative and informative classes discuss all factors that contribute to chronic pain, recovery, wellness, and quality of life. 

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Attending a class is easy and can be done from anywhere.

Classes are 60 minutes and administered in a virtual small group setting with a BHC healthcare provider.  English class times begin on the hour with the first class at 8 am and the last class at 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Spanish classes are offered on Wednesdays beginning at 8 am and are 75 minutes long.

Our class topics rotate monthly and cover a wide range of topics.

• Chronic Pain Basics • Pain & Thoughts • Stress Management • Healthy Habits • Pacing
• Chronic Pain & Mood • Nutrition • Anxiety, Anger & Depression • Healthy Communication • Sleep • Neuroplasticity

July's Class:

Managing Pain Flares

Pain flares can be stressful, overwhelming, and debilitating. Having the right tools and strategies in place can help you manage their frequency and impact. This class covers the common causes and characteristics of pain flares which will assist you in making these challenging times into  learning opportunities. We will explore the most current ideas and techniques for managing pain flares by addressing the mind, body, and emotions. Building, adding, or refreshing your customized pain management toolbox is the key to living well with chronic pain.  

June's Class:

Pacing for Progress

Unlock the Power of Pacing: Say Goodbye to Pain Flares and Hello to Progress! Join our Pacing for Progress class and discover the key to maintaining functionality while preventing pain flares. Learn the art of structured pacing, the skill that enables you to carry out activities consistently without exacerbating pain. Without it, you risk falling into a cycle of overdoing it and resting, reinforcing disabilities and inviting new ones. But fear not! Our class provides the background and effective methods you need to build a personalized pacing strategy. Gain strength, stamina, and reclaim your life one step at a time. Don’t miss out—sign up now! 

May's Class:
Mindfulness Meditation for Pain

Modern research supports the use of mindfulness meditation as an effective branch of your pain management strategy. By quieting the mind and calming the body, you create connections in your brain that are important for your healing. Has meditation been difficult for you in the past? This class will cover many styles of meditation to help you find one that works for you. Working out your brain via meditation is as important as working out your body. The best part is that regular meditation practice is free, available to you at any time, and works to decrease your pain sensitivity.

April's Class:
Intro to Stress Management for Pain

Stress can activate the fight or flight part of our nervous system which can affect our physiology. Managing stress is directly linked to managing pain. Join us to learn how to identify signs of stress and introductory science-backed stress management techniques for diet, sleep, exercise, thinking and more!

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

A healthy diet is one of the best ways you can contribute to your health. Inflammation is a problem for those with chronic pain and can contribute to many disease states. You will learn what inflammation is and how it affects your body. After finishing this class, you will know the why and how of adopting this useful diet to manage your chronic pain.

Chronic Pain & Mood

Chronic pain and our emotions are so intertwined; it can be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. If you’re living with chronic pain and have noticed a change in your mood, you are not alone. When physical pain does not stop, neither does emotional pain. This class will explain the why behind what you might be experiencing. You will then be introduced to various techniques to help you manage the emotions you may be struggling with. These techniques can help you gain clarity and get space around difficult emotions.

Creating Healthy Habits

Have you struggled with adding a new healthy habit to your life? What about breaking “bad” habits?  Effectively managing chronic pain requires focused work with the body and mind. In this class you will be given science-backed methods to create new and healthy habits that stick, as well as break some of the unwanted habits that may be contributing to poorer health.

Healthy Communication with Chronic Pain

Many patients report feeling misunderstood. This class will assist you in giving and receiving clarity. It will help you understand your own pattern of communication and identify, then express, your underlying feelings and needs. Various tools will be provided that can be used to increase effectiveness of communication, in general, and as it relates to chronic pain. Feel free to have friends and family sit in on the class so you can all learn together.

Insomnia, Nighttime Strategies

Are you lying awake in bed at night unable to sleep? Perhaps it’s pain, stress or restlessness that is keeping you awake? This class will assist you in developing strategies to use when you are lying in bed awake, frustrated, and sleepless. You will be introduced to many effective tools that harness the power of your mind and body to get to sleep. This class will give you an experiential introduction to helpful mind-body techniques that encourage rest and sleep. It includes information on supplements and how to manage worry and repetitive thoughts.  

Improve Sleep, Improve Function

This foundational sleep education class will explain how you can improve your sleep by working with your mind, lifestyle choices and environment. We look at how what you do during the day can impact your sleep at night. You will come away with plenty of information to help you improve the length and quality of your sleep. We will give you some great stretching routines and action items that you can work on immediately to prepare your body and mind for bed. You will feel empowered to take charge of your sleep cycle which will then improve your functionality. Good sleep is good medicine.

Intro to Stress Management for Pain

Stress can activate the fight or flight part of our nervous system which can affect our physiology. Managing stress is directly linked to managing pain. Join us to learn how to identify signs of stress and introductory science-backed stress management techniques for diet, sleep, exercise, thinking and more!

Managing Pain Flares

Your daily life choices have an impact on your pain levels. In this class we look at what a pain flare is and why they might occur. You will be given an overview of the many areas in which you have influence. Consistent and thoughtful choices are key. These include using cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual tools. You will leave class with new ideas to build your customized pain coping toolbox. 

Posture & Body Mechanics

You may have an awareness about the importance of “good” posture. However, you may not have an updated and effective model to follow. This class covers essential viewpoints on posture and body mechanics that are helpful to manage chronic pain and avoid flare ups.  Focusing on posture and movement also helps improve mood and self-esteem. You will learn how to use optimal body mechanics to complete common household chores in a safe way. Movement is medicine and knowing how to move safely ensures you will move more often.

The Power of Acceptance

Do you struggle living with persistent pain? Being in a state of acceptance is a powerful mindset tool that is essential to your pain management journey. Acceptance is a neutral place to grow from, it does not mean you have to like what is happening. From this place, real change can occur. This class will teach you how to incorporate more acceptance into your life and to identify what barriers may be preventing you from doing so. Ultimately it will have a positive impact on your experience of living with pain.  

Rethinking Persistent Pain

There is exciting new and ongoing research in the field of chronic pain.  Join as we share the current understanding of the how and why behind this challenging condition. We will illuminate the known pathways towards recovery and help empower you with a foundation to work from so you can achieve better functionality. Managing persistent pain is complex, and we will address how you can partner with our care team to create the best outcomes.

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