We specialize in Workers Compensation.

► Our programs are designed to get patients Permanent & Stationary as soon as possible.

► Our providers are trained on workers compensation reporting and documentation.

► Your account rep and clinical case manager will assist with any and all issues.

Our goal is simple. To provide the best access to care possible for every patient.

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Your Account Manager is here to help throughout the patient care experience.

Are you looking for visit notes, reports or assistance with a current patient? EMAIL our team

Utilize our MPN Assist feature:
Can't find a PTP for your clients MPN?

MPN website are not updated frequently and usually out of date with the wrong provider information.  Save time and frustration by letting our MPN Specialists do the work for you.  We’ll find an IPM Provider in network or apply for out of network auth if the MPN is invalid.   This service is of no cost to you, it’s just part of our commitment to providing fast and effective treatment to injured workers.

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What we need to get started

Our must haves to get started:
If available please also send:

Email the required information to: npic@ipmdoctors.com


You can now track the status of your referrals and submit online. To get started, click the link below and then ‘Sign In’ in the upper right corner. If you’ve already submitted a referral with us, you’ll just need to verify your email account and set a password.


You can now submit referrals online and communicate with our intake team on your specific case.  Click the link below to get started. 


Once you’ve created an account and verified your email address you can view the status of any referral you’ve submitted.