Dr. Peter Abaci: Doctor Spotlight

Boomerang Healthcare is pleased to present today’s Doctor’s Spotlight. Peter Abaci, MD, a founding physician who helped conceptualize our unique multidisciplinary approach that has helped heal thousands of patients over the years.

Can you tell us about yourself, your education, and your work experience?
I have been a certified anesthesiologist and pain management physician since 1996. I started by completing my undergraduate studies at UC San Diego. I graduated Magna Cum Laude and attended medical school at the University of Southern California. In my last year of residency, I served as Chief Resident. I took a senior pain management elective, leading me to UC San Francisco, where I completed my fellowship training which was the perfect career for me because of my passion for sports growing up. I fell in love with the Bay Area, married the love of my life, and raised two beautiful children.

When you are not working, what do you like to do?
I love exercising and staying active; I enjoy hiking and the outdoors as well as watching soccer. In my spare time, I am passionate about making wine; I specialize in pinot noir. Spending time with my family is essential. Lately, I have been enjoying focusing on helping my daughter and son pursue their careers.

What clinics are you currently seeing patients at, how long have you been practicing there, and do you live in the area?
Currently, I see patients in Los Gatos and Capitola. After my second anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, I collaborated with a few other like-minded physicians to change conventional chronic pain thinking and treatment by starting a comprehensive multidisciplinary center of excellence. As a result, we constructed one comprehensive, all-inclusive center from the ground up to house a variety of specialists as well as state-of-the-art programs and treatments that focused on our patients after finding this model of care to have such a high success rate.

I enjoyed publishing some books to help patients learn new pain-healing techniques; due to publishing these books, other ventures, such as promoting the book on radio shows and social media, opened. I then began publishing articles for the Huffington Post and Web MD; I also had a radio show focused on health and wellness for a few years.

What makes Boomerang Healthcare unique?
As a kid, I was very fond of the Harlem Globetrotters. Seeing them gracefully perform all those fantastic tricks flawlessly as they worked together to give an unforgettable performance was utterly unique. When a Globetrotter retired, I was sad; I could not see how the team could continue with the same excellence without him. Nevertheless, they would bring fresh players in and perform the same acts at the same level of excellence.
I want to use the example of the Globetrotters to demonstrate Boomerang Healthcare’s innovative model. We have a standardized elevated level of care built into our system so that when one of our teammates moves on, we must continue that superior level of individualized care so that no matter who is there, the team exists in harmony with itself.

Why do you choose to work with patients that have chronic pain?
A patient’s transformation from having a life that is shattered and falling apart due to what they have been through, to then help them regain their vitality, repair relationships, return to work, and reconnect with family members positively through interactions with their children and grandchildren. It gives me great satisfaction to witness the return of love to the lives of our patients.

Many of our patients are going through a rough patch in life, so we strive to create a positive environment for them. We play upbeat music, dance, exercise, and coordinate art therapy sessions for patients to express themselves. We also offer classes on positive thinking, nutrition and food, deep breathing exercises, yoga, and other proven therapies that help patients cope with their pain.

What is the best part of working for the Boomerang Healthcare team?
There are an estimated 50 million plus Americans suffering from chronic pain. At least one person in every family suffers from this problem. When one family member cannot live a productive and happy life, it has a residual negative effect on the entire family.

Patients benefit from Boomerang Healthcare’s centralized multidisciplinary team of physicians, PAs, and support staff. Our team meets and develops a customized treatment plan that addresses the needs of the whole person. We aim to create a quality, long-term, efficient solution to help our patients return to a happy, healthy, positive life. Subsequently, we have a large percentage of patients who live successfully without strong painkillers.
Boomerang Healthcare is unlike any other pain management clinic. The holistic nature of our multidisciplinary approach to care and life restoration sets us apart from the standard pain management clinic.